Helping artists every step of the way

Every musician’s project is different, but we’ve got plenty of resources to help your vision come to life! Below are some of our standard services, to give you an idea what we’re capable of. We’d love to chat about your project.




Using top end, industry leading recording software and outboard gear, coupled with the top engineers and musicians in the business, we capture and process your music the way you want it to be heard

MIXING & Mastering

Our engineers can mix tracks you may have recorded at another studio, and bring them up to a competitive level. Our mastering facility can also provide the final step to your project to achieve the depth, gain and clarity you’re striving for

Song Writing, Selection & Finalizing

It all begins with the song. Our catalog is filled with tunes from proven, professional songwriters, who can also help you bring your ideas to new levels of creativity and craftsmanship

Session Musicians & Vocalists

CCB can provide expert level, professional musicians and vocalists. The same musicians and voices you hear on playlists and radios around the world, can be on your songs as well